A recent addition has been the completely covered 20,000 sq.ft. warehouse at Nallamalai adjoining our Trailer Yard. This has enhanced our stevedoring capacities to promptly and efficiently load / unload cargo to/from the ship. The warehouse serves as a stop gap transit point for bulk cargo - especially import cargo. The warehouse is served by Handlers and Truckers round the clock with a multitude of amenities to aid in efficient handling. The warehouse has 3 direct loading bays and 1 forklift loading bay for direct loading onto containers with the use of Fork-lifts.

In addition to out own warehouse, we have leased warehouse for a total area of about 1,00,000 sq.ft for storage of Pulses, Olive oil, Spandes Yarn, Raw cashew etc.,

Public Bonded Warehouse

We have a leased Warehouse 20,000 sq.ft area with customs license for storage of Import Cargo under Bond.